4 months +

Organic Baby Cough Syrup Night Time

An herbal supplement to soothe dry throat and help them when coughing to clear mucus while promoting restful sleep.*


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  • The only USDA certified organic cough and mucus product for babies 4 months+
  • Organic agave and organic ivy leaf to help your child when coughing to clear mucus*
  • Chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower to calm and promote relaxation*
  • Honey-free formula
  • No alcohol, no artificial flavors or colors, and free of the top 8 allergens

When your little one is coughing, it can be rough on them – and on you. Make sure you’re ready with a safe, organic product that can help them when coughing to clear mucus*, and promote calm and relaxation* – so you both get a goodnight’s sleep.

Other Ingredients: Organic Agave Syrup, Water, Citric Acid

  • Honey
  • Artificial colors and flavors
  • Top 8 Allergens*
  • Sucrose
  • Gluten
  • Binders or fillers
  • Dairy
  • Yeast
  • Alcohol

Shake well. Remove cap and the seal. Insert the adapter plug, smooth side up, by pushing downward and twisting until a tight seal is made. Top of plug should be flush with neck and not removable. Fully depress syringe plunger and insert into adapter. Invert bottle and pull syringe to correct volume. Administer slowly toward side of mouth/inner cheek.

Can be taken up to 3 times within a 24-hour period. Maybe used as needed, once every 4 -6 hours. Do not exceed recommended serving size or maximum servings per day. When using with Mommy’s Bliss Cough Syrup and Mucus + Immunity Support, do not exceed a total of 6 combined servings within a 24-hour period. Discard 3 months after opening.

  • I got this for my 8 month old. I Loved this product. Baby had a terrible cough that kept her up all night. I’m very careful about giving her over the counter things. But the reviews and ingredients looked fine. At first she coughed a lot after I have her some but I think it helped clear her up. Then she settled down and had the first full night‘s sleep in days. I definitely suggest this to any parent of a baby. - Annon
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YES, but keep in mind the additional herbal ingredients in Mommy’s Bliss Organic Cough Syrup and Mucus Relief Night Time are designed to help your little one relax and fall asleep. Thus, we suggest using Mommy’s Bliss Organic Cough Syrup and Mucus Relief + Immunity Boost during the day.

Contact your pediatrician for any cough that lasts five days or longer, or that seems especially difficult for your child.

Yes, but only up to six total servings in a 24-hour period. (For instance, four or five servings of Organic Baby Cough Syrup during the day, and one or two servings of Organic Baby Cough Syrup Night Time in the evening, not exceeding six total servings.) Also, keep in mind you shouldn’t use more than three total servings in a 24-hour period of any of our Night Time formulas, so if you’re also using Gripe Water Night Time or our Organic Baby Bedtime Drops, consider those servings when you decide whether or not to add Organic Baby Cough Syrup Night Time. It’s a good idea to consult your pediatrician about what amounts are recommended for your child.