Prenatal Multivitamin + Probiotics

The essential vitamins and nutrients your baby needs plus the digestive support you need for a happy tummy.*



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nutrients for baby

  • 19 vitamins and minerals for baby’s healthy development
  • Methylfolate – the most bioavailable form of folic acid which supports brain and spinal cord development
  • Folate to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects

support for mom

  • Stay energized throughout your pregnancy
  • Probiotics to support optimal gut health
  • Ginger & Vitamin B6 to help with nausea, gas, constipation and upset tummy*

As moms, we know first-hand how miserable pregnancy tummy troubles can be. So we formulated our prenatal multivitamin +probiotics with the nutrients your baby needs plus probiotics, ginger and vitamin B6 to help you with nausea, gas, constipation, and upset tummy.*

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose, Potassium Bicarbonate.

  • Added sugar
  • Artificial colors and flavors
  • Gelatin
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Gluten
  • Binders or fillers

Take 1 capsule daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

  • Best prenatals ever! I love that this has a probiotic all-in-one. I take them after breakfast and I have never gotten any nausea-like symptoms at all. Did I mention the serving size is only one? It’s a relatively small pill that holds so much goodness. I take the gummies (DHA and Omegas) at night- they’re a sweet treat (but not too sweet) after dinner. So happy I found these! - Pamela S
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