Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water should be given as needed and not as a preventive measure. We suggest that you wait until your baby is two weeks old and over seven pounds before administering our Gripe Water. For all other infants and children, give Gripe Water at the first signs of discomfort. Most babies will need the product after feedings, when they get gassy from eating too fast or from gulping in air while feeding. It is a good idea to wait 30 minutes after a feeding to administer Gripe Water, as this allows time for food to digest. If a baby is not able to complete a feeding due to gas, he or she may need Gripe Water prior to feeding. By administering the product at different times, you will learn what works best for your baby.

For gas we also recommend using our fast-acting Gas Relief Drops, which can safely be used on their own or in combination with Gripe Water. Get the 411 on Gas Drops here!

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