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Is Mommy's Bliss Baby Constipation Ease 3rd party tested?

Yes! Our Constipation Ease is NSF Certified which means it has been independently tested and certified to meet standards for quality, safety and label claims. Learn more about our NSF Certified products here.

Can I mix Baby Constipation Ease with formula or breastmilk?

Sorry, no. The high acidity and low pH of Baby Constipation Ease curdles breastmilk and formula, and no one wants to drink that. But don’t worry: your baby will love the flavor all on its own.

How soon will my baby get relief from baby constipation ease?

It may take one to three days to see results, especially in older babies, whose normal bowel movements are already less frequent than newborns’. If you don’t see any improvement after three to five days, consult your pediatrician.

Can I give Baby Constipation Ease to my baby every day?

It’s a good idea to discuss chronic or severe constipation with your pediatrician. Stick to our recommended serving amount and frequency unless directed otherwise by your baby’s doctor.

Is Baby Constipation Ease a natural remedy?

Our Baby Constipation Ease uses fennel and dandelion to help relieve occasional stomach discomfort and bloating caused by occasional constipation, with soluble fiber from prune juice concentrate to naturally aid regular bowel movements.* Polydextrose, a prebiotic soluble fiber, works to promote the growth of healthy bowel bacteria, which can aid in maintaining regularity.

Why is the minimum age for using Baby Constipation Ease 6 months? Can I give my younger baby a half-serving?

Generally, constipation in infants younger than 6 months is a concern worth discussing with your pediatrician. Baby Constipation Ease is made with safe ingredients and is designed to help constipation for the age ranges indicated, unless otherwise directed by your baby’s doctor.*