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Holiday Gift Guide for Baby

Holiday Gift Guide for Baby

Are you scratching your head trying to figure out what to give baby this holiday season? Here are a few of our faves: PS scroll to the bottom to find out how you can win some of these products! ;)

0-3 Months

Those first few months with baby are absolutely magical, but they can also be quite challenging. Whether you're a first-time parent or on your fourth, here are a few products we love to make that time just a little bit more manageable.

Aden & Anais Silky Soft Swaddles

Swaddle blankets are key for sleep and to helping soothe a fussy baby, but they can be used for so much more! In a crowded restaurant? Cover your baby's car seat to keep out noise, germs, and the inevitable nosy stranger. Keep baby cozy in her stroller or use the blanket for tummy time at the park. We love these because they are made from natural, breathable fabric and are perfectly soft for your baby's fragile newborn skin. Plus, how cute is this print??

TWELVElittle Diaper Backpack

Babies come with a lot of gear. A basic trip out of the house can mean diapers, wipes, changing pad, extra clothes (hello, blow out), bibs, burp cloths, bottles, toys, a blanket...yikes! Keeping all of that organized can feel nearly impossible. And forget about looking stylish, right? This diaper backpack from TWELVElittle perfectly combines function & fashion. It's gender neutral for both mom and dad, stylish, comfortable to wear, water resistant and filled with tons of inner and outer compartments to help you keep track of your baby's items.

ModBabyCo Lovey

These loveys from ModBabyCo are dreamy. The fabric is perfectly soft for your little one's skin, they fit nicely in a diaper bag or car seat, are easy to clean, and with so many adorable prints to choose from, you're bound to find one you love.

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prob & Play Mat

You can start tummy time with your little one as early as two weeks. If your baby seems to hate tummy time, you aren't alone. It is pretty common for babies to be resistant to tummy time at first. We love this play mat because it keeps baby engaged with crinkle sounds, a baby-safe mirror, a rattle, teether, and other toy attachments. There's also a cute prop pillow for extra support during those newborn months. And, since the mat is machine-washable, you can easily keep your baby’s play place fresh and clean.

Boogie Wipes

These saline wipes are perfect for gently cleaning snotty noses, messy faces and sticky hands. They are extra soft & made with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E to help moisturize baby's skin. We love the unscented version!

Gripe Water & Gas Drops

There is nothing worse as a parent than watching your little one suffer and not knowing how to help. If your baby has gas & tummy troubles, you know first hand how hard it can be to see him uncomfortable or in pain. Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water and Gas Relief Drops are must-haves for easing your baby's symptoms. Made with simethicone, Gas Relief Drops safely decrease the surface tension of gas bubbles, causing them to combine into larger bubbles in the stomach that can be passed more easily, providing baby with nearly instant relief from that full, bloated feeling. Gripe Water contains bicarbonate and natural herbal ingredients, such as ginger and fennel, which work together to calm hiccups, soothe upset tummies and help ease the symptoms of colic quickly. They are the ultimate team in combating tummy troubles! Pro tip: keep one of each in the diaper bag!

Peek-a-Boo Forest Soft Book

Peek-a-Boo Forest is an interactive soft book that allows your little explorer to learn about different animals that live in the forest. Each durable page has soft peek-a-boo flaps that are easy for little fingers to open and close, promoting hand-eye coordination. We love that it features bright colors, multiple textures and surprise crinkles to encourage exploration & development.

3-6 Months

Phew! You are out of the newborn stage, hopefully sleeping a bit more and your little one is more interactive everyday. Here are some of our favorite items for developing baby.

Chewbeads Perry Teething Necklace

Most babies can expect their first tooth by 6 months and if you've gone through teething with your little one, you know just how challenging it can be. This baby-friendly necklace doubles as a soft, flexible teether and is designed to safely soothe your little one's gums. Great for on the go teething needs, this necklace is the perfect balance between functional for baby and fashionable for mama.

Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether

We love these for soothing the toughest teething pain! The ring and keys are perfect for little hands & with multiple textures and surfaces, baby is bound to find a chew spot that feels good on her gums. The keys can also be refrigerated & stay cold long enough to provide extra relief for sore gums.

Oball Rattle

This adorable rattle ball is easy to grasp and hold with finger holes that fit just right for little hands. Embedded in the ball are multiple rattles filled with shaker beads that encourage your baby to hold and shake to hear fun rattle sounds. Pro tip: When you're on the go, attach a pacifier clip to keep the rattle within baby's grasp!

Boobie Bar

These delicious lactation bars are perfect for the nursing mamas out there. Just one bar is packed with all your daily milk-boosting herbs. We love that they are non-GMO and they even offer a gluten-free flavor!

Covered Goods Nursing Cover

These multi-use nursing covers give you all the benefits that traditional covers do... and more! They actually provide FULL coverage and can be used as a car seat or shopping cart cover or as a cute scarf. We love all of the different prints and the super soft, stretchy material.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

This toy is amazing for keeping baby happy & distracted. Designed with large and easy noticeable push buttons, your baby will love clicking her way through baby-friendly versions of music by Mozart, Vivaldi, Rossini, Chopin & more. We love this toy's ability to keep baby entertained and promote development. Pro- tip: Keep one by the changing table for those moments when your little one is a bit too wiggly during her diaper change.

6 months+

This stage couldn't be more fun. Full of giggles, wiggles & tons of new developmental milestones, you better hold on to tight, because your little one is about to take you on one wild ride!

Melissa & Doug First Play Wooden Jumbo Knob Safari Animal Puzzle 

How cute is this puzzle? The smiling tiger, giraffe, and lion have wooden knobs for noses that are easy for little hands to grasp. Babies and toddlers 12 months will love matching pieces to pictures on the wooden puzzle board, discovering colors and patterns, and developing fine motor skills and problem-solving.

GoSili Tableware

From bibs and spoons, to table mats and coffee cups, we love the GoSili tableware products. The silicone products are a wonderful alternative to plastic and combine functionality with modern design.

Constipation Ease

At 6 months, your little has probably started solids! It's such an exciting & fun time, but can often come with occasional constipation. Mommy's Bliss Constipation Ease is a safe and effective, all-natural supplement that gently alleviates occasional constipation. It contains prune juice to help ease constipation and organic fennel and organic dandelion extract to relieve stomach discomfort and bloating. A must-have starting from 6 months all the way through toddler and childhood!

cuddle + kind Maximus the Cat Stuffed Animal

These adorable, mission-driven dolls are made with all natural, high-quality cotton. Every doll is lovingly handcrafted by incredible women artisans in Peru, providing them with a sustainable, fair trade income and for each doll purchased, 10 meals are given to children in need. Definitely a purchase you can feel good about!

This site is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice. Please consult your physician or other health-care professional.

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