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Is there any sugar in the Kids Sleep gummies?

Sleep Gummies contain one gram of sugar per gummy. Try our Sleep Chewable or Sleep Liquid for a sugar-free sleep sidekick.

Can you take sleep gummies with kids night time cough syrup or gripe water night time?

Yes! You can combine these, as long as you follow all directions and serving recommendations for both products.

Can these Sleep gummies be given to my child every night?

Sleep Gummies, like all products containing melatonin, are recommended for short term use only. Please consult your pediatrician prior to use.

Are these Sleep gummies habit forming?

No, our Sleep Gummies are non-habit-forming. Please do follow all directions for use.

Can I cut a sleep gummy in half and give it to my less-than-three-years-old kid?

We don’t recommend giving Sleep Gummies, or any of our Sleep products, to a child under the age of three. Please consult your physician or healthcare provider. For kids over the age of three, you can also consider our Kids Sleep Liquid, which makes it easy to split a 2 mL serving into 1 mL, if preferred.

Is this melatonin sourced from animals or is it synthetic?

We use synthetic melatonin in our sleep gummies. Though it’s possible to source natural animal melatonin, this carries the risk of contamination from viruses or bacteria, and we’d rather not go there. We’re keeping our eyes on the relatively new development of plant-based melatonin, but for now, it’s not well-suited to the formulation of an effective supplement.

Is it safe to give my child a sleep gummy to help them sleep?

Assuming you follow all the directions on our label, melatonin is a safe supplement for children. Like with all supplements, consult pediatrician before use.