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Should Kids Probiotic Gummy be taken with food?

This gummy is made for kids 2yrs and older and can be taken with or without food. Please ensure the gummy is thoroughly chewed before swallowing.

Why does Kids Probiotic Gummy have cane sugar?

We use certified Organic cane sugar in the probiotic gummy. Organic cane sugar is made from sugar cane, while conventional white granulated sugar may be made from either cane or sugar beets. Organic cane sugar provides better flavors and is less processed, retaining a lot of the nutrients present in cane juice.

Why did you choose the Lactospore strain for kids probiotic gummy?

LactoSpore® was found to be safe and well-tolerated by healthy individuals when ingested orally. They are non-GMO certified and survive in gastric secretions and reach the intestine safely, helping inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Is it safe for my child to take a prebiotic and probiotic every day?

Yes, it is safe to take them together every day. We formulated our Probiotic gummy with Prebiotic Inulin, to help feed and strengthen probiotic bacteria. Taking the two in combination can help make your probiotics more effective.

Why does Kids Probiotic Gummies have prebiotics?

We have formulated our Kids’ Probiotic Gummies with 1 billion cells LactoSpore ® per gummy to support your kid’s immunity and digestion in a delicious way* Our probiotic gummy contains a prebiotic from chicory root, which help feed and strengthen probiotic bacteria.

How long should my child keep using it?

You may safely use Constipation Ease* daily for as long as needed. It is not habit forming. The dietary ingredients safely and mildly promote regularity. However, frequent or severe constipation should be discussed with your medical professional. Constipation Ease* is used only for occasional mild constipation.

Once open, how long can I keep it before discarding?

We suggest this product be discarded 6 weeks after opening. This protects the products from potential contamination and degradation that might be caused by repeated handling.

Can I mix this with juice or water?

Yes. Constipation Ease* is ideal for diluting into acid beverages such as juice and mixes easily in water. However, we suggest giving the recommended serving separately from other foods.

Can I mix this with formula or breast milk?

The high acidity and low pH of the Constipation Ease* make it incompatible with breast milk, milk and formula. The change in pH will cause curdling; making the liquid less desirable for consumption.

Can I give Kids Constipation Ease more than the suggested two times a day if my child has not pooped yet?

No. You should discuss severe or chronic constipation with your pediatrician. Only administer more than the recommended serving amount (or frequency of servings) if instructed to do so by your pediatrician.

Does it need to be refrigerated?

Constipation Ease does not require refrigeration.

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are dietary compounds, such as some forms of soluble fiber, which promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. We use a soluble fiber called polydextrose in Constipation Ease*.

When should I give it to my baby?

You can administer Constipation Ease* up to two times daily at any time. It should NOT be administered within 30 minutes of a feeding (before and after). Many find that two successive servings about 3 – 4 hours apart works well.

Will this cause my baby to “need” the product instead of being able to go on their own?

NO absolutely not. Mommy’s Bliss® Constipation Ease is naturally formulated with food based and herbal ingredients to work gently safely and naturally to relieve occasional constipation. You child will not become dependent on this product. Remember that as children age and explore more varieties of foods that constipation (and other bowel upsets) can be avoided by making sure your child eats plenty of fiber (eats fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains) and stays hydrated (drinks plenty of water). Also children who get regular daily exercise and remain active tend to have less frequent bouts of constipation.

Why is the minimum age 6 months? Can I give my younger baby half the dose?

Generally, constipation in infants younger than 6 months is a concern worth discussing with your pediatrician. Baby Constipation Ease is made with safe ingredients and is designed to help constipation for the age ranges indicated, unless otherwise directed by your baby’s doctor.*

How soon can I expect to see results?

Like any gentle natural laxative it may take from one to three days to see results especially in older infants & children when normal bowel movements are already less frequent. Generally if after 3 to 5 days you see no improvement then consult your pediatrician.

How does Mommy’s Bliss Constipation Ease work?

Mommy’s Bliss® Constipation Ease contains gentle ingredients such as soluble fiber from prunes to naturally aid regular bowel movements and ease occasional constipation. Polydextrose, a prebiotic soluble fiber, works to promote the growth of healthy bowel bacteria that can aid in maintaining regularity. The herbal ingredients, fennel & dandelion, help to ease stomach discomfort and bloating that sometimes accompanies constipation.