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Should I take the Lactation + Probiotics Capsules with food?

Our recommendation is to take 1-2 capsules with food. Please follow label directions.

What is fenugreek in the Lactation + Probiotics Capsules?

Fenugreek is a clover-like herb native to the Mediterranean region, southern Europe, and western Asia. Its seeds, which smell and taste like maple syrup, have been used in cooking and as medicine. Fenugreek is used as an ingredient in spice blends and a flavoring agent in foods and beverages. In North Africa, Asia, and southern Europe, fenugreek was an age-old milk supply enhancer in breastfeeding moms.

Why did you choose the lactospore probiotic for the Lactation + Probiotic Capsules?

A NON-GMO Product, LactoSpore®, is found to be safe and well tolerated by healthy individuals when consumed orally. Our formula settles in the digestive tract and produces enough lactic acid and other antagonistic substances, inhibiting growth of pathogenic bacteria.

How does the Lactation + Probiotics Capsules support my milk supply?

Our Lactation + probiotics capsules support milk supply with fenugreek, blessed thistle and milk thistle. We also add probiotic Lactospore* to support immunity and digestive health.

Can I take this along with other vitamins?

Always speak with your physician regarding your supplement use. Reset My Body contains a high amount of biotin, so it’s important that your doctor agrees it’s a good idea for you in the context of all the health-minded choices you’re making.

What is the benefit of collagen after having a baby?

Collagen may improve hair, skin and nails* as your body recovers from childbirth, and may also support healthy joints.*

What is biotin? How does it benefit me?

Biotin is a B-vitamin found in many foods, which helps turn the carbohydrates, fats and proteins you eat into the energy you need. Taking biotin after pregnancy may improve hair, skin and nails* as you recover.

How does these Postnatal Support gummies help reset my body?

Collagen and biotin may support healthy joints, hair, and healing.* We’ve also included antioxidant vitamins and zinc to support your immunity* and help you through this vulnerable time.

Can I take these Reset My Body Postnatal Support while breastfeeding?

Yes, Reset My Body Postnatal Support is safe to consume while breastfeeding.

What is “normal postpartum stress”?

Normal postpartum stress, otherwise known as “baby blues,” can occur for some women after birth, and lasts for a short time. It may include mood swings, irritability, reduced concentration and feeling overwhelmed. This phase is completely normal and should not be confused with postpartum depression. If you’re feeling depressed more than a few weeks after giving birth, reach out to your doctor for support and medical advice.

Will this lift my mood postnatal support alter my mood or make me jittery?

On the contrary. Lift My Mood may help reduce feelings of normal postpartum stress* by temporarily helping you relax and feel a little more balanced.*

What is the benefit of ashwagandha?

An adaptogenic – meaning it helps the body adapt to stress — root used to support mood,* ashwagandha has been treasured for more than 3,000 years by Ayurvedic medicine.

Can I take these Lift My Mood Postnatal Support while breastfeeding?

Yes, Lift My Mood is safe to consume while breastfeeding.