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Postnatal Care – Yes, just for you, Mom

Postnatal Care – Yes, just for you, Mom

Wow. You’re doing it all – and let’s just remember – you're amazing. But this blissful time isn’t all bliss, it isn’t all easy, and sometimes new moms need support and love just like new babies. Mommy’s Bliss has been there – and as moms ourselves, we’re still there. Trust us, taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do right now. Take time for yourself - time for postnatal care. Head to the spa (yes, you can), check in with friends and go for a walk. Do whatever feels good. Because when momma feels good, baby gets the best of you... You’ve just gone through something monumental and amazing, and our bodies need time and help to reset. Sometimes our moods need a little lift to get back on track, and sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t look like the picture in the manual (what manual?). We all need a moment of love just for us. It’s not only ok, it’s completely essential.

Postnatal Lift My Mood

Having a baby asks so much of your mind and body and new moms know – the baby blues can be very real, and you may experience a range of feelings including feeling down, overwhelmed, or worried thanks to sleep deprivation with a fun side of hormones. This is not only normal, it’s manageable with a little help from your friends at Mommy’s Bliss who’ve been there. Lift that blue mood with Postnatal Lift My Mood. With the help of amazing ashwagandha to lessen and reduce feelings of normal postpartum stress and support a balanced, healthy mood* -plus it’s safe to use while breastfeeding! If your symptoms feel more severe or don’t improve, it’s always a good idea to seek out professional help. It feels so good to feel good – and no one deserves it more than you, Mama. “Mommy's Bliss was so necessary when my son was little! -” STACEY L

Postnatal Reset By Body

Your body just did something amazing but after baby arrives, it can take a little time to feel like your best self again. Get there faster with Postnatal Reset By Body, the essential vitamins, antioxidants and zinc to support postpartum healing, joint health and immunity*. You might even notice healthier skin, hair and nails thanks to restorative biotin and collagen*! You deserve Mommy’s Bliss best. . “The gummies taste so good, it's like getting a treat! I get a slight boost after taking these gummies, which has really helped me establish a routine and adjust to my new schedule. My hair, skin, and nails also look nice and healthy! -” NICOLE

Lactation Support + Probiotics

This carefully crafted postnatal supplement was created by an expert! A lactation consultant who understood how fenugreek, blessed thistle & milk thistle can help with milk supply. Plus, an additional LactoSpore probiotic to support mom’s immunity and digestive health*. In a nutshell, this is breastfeeding peace of mind in one little concentrated capsule. “This was a great supplement! I noticed an increase in milk production, without any stomach issues for myself or my son, which supplements can often cause for one or both of us. I highly recommend!”- CHRISTINA So, enjoy your new baby while getting back to that same amazing you. Lean on Mommy’s Bliss like everyone leans on you with the best postnatal wing women that every new mom needs. Get ready to reset, recharge and rebalance. And remember, you got this job for one big reason – because you’re amazing.

This site is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice. Please consult your physician or other health-care professional.

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