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Run on the Power of Moms: Caroline Lloyd

Run on the Power of Moms: Caroline Lloyd

Caroline Lloyd

Mom + Vice President of Sales

Caroline is the one you can thank for making sure Mommy’s Bliss is wherever you need it to be: on the shelf at your neighborhood drug store, at Target, on your favorite online shopping site. She’s in charge of everything related to sales, and she and her remote team are passionate about bringing the power of Mommy’s Bliss to everyone!

How being a mom informs my job

I’ve been a mom for 21 years—my kids are 21, 20 and 5—so being a mom has been a big part of my entire working career. I think I treat people the same way as I treat my children: with respect, honesty, and openness. Because my team works remotely, we have to have an enormous amount of trust between us, especially when it comes time for a difficult conversation. I believe that in work life as in family life, having openness and integrity helps create positive changes in behavior that benefit our team members and, of course, the company.

Proudest moment at Mommy’s Bliss

There are so many magical moments working at Mommy’s Bliss, but the thing that continually makes me the most proud is being part of a really great team. I’m so proud to be working for a company that’s both family run and respects the idea of family so much—the families of our employees and the families we serve with our products. I’m proud to represent the company with such great confidence and passion. What we’re able to achieve because of this is amazing.

To me, “We run on the power of mom” means...

As a mom, we wear so many hats and are constantly juggling a million different roles and personas: caretaker, advisor, disciplinarian, problem solver. All those many different roles are needed in business, too, so we’re naturally powerful! The other thing about being a mom is that you realize life’s not perfect. Everybody has those crazy, “how will this ever work out?” mornings, but we know how to put it aside and just get on with the task at hand. That’s hugely valuable in business.

Best parenting advice my mom gave me

It’s actually from my dad, and it came when he was dropping me off at university. But it stuck with me and it’s really helped me with my own kids. He said, “Our job as parents is to get you from point a to point b, but we can’t control you. So we create the best toolbox we can to set you off in the right direction.” I realize now that part of their “toolbox” was letting me make my own mistakes and learn from them. It’s really been a shaping philosophy for how I’m raising my kids, too, and I’m so grateful.

3 adjectives that describe me as a mom

Accepting Supportive Understanding Life is not easy, and there’s always a multitude of issues that arise. I try and teach my children that nothing is impossible, we can solve anything! Together we are stronger!

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