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Run on the Power of Moms: Yasmin Kaderali

Run on the Power of Moms: Yasmin Kaderali

Yasmin Kaderali

Mom + CEO

Yasmin is our company’s heart, soul and guiding light. Her own mom started Mommy’s Bliss, and now she’s leading the company’s growth strategy while also working hard to maintain the awesomeness of working at Mommy’s Bliss. She keeps the brand close to her heart and stays actively involved in the creative direction of marketing & innovation plans. For her, everything Mommy’s Bliss does has to stay firmly rooted in the wisdom of moms and driven by compassion. She’s also the one who’s created a way for our company to give back to women and children around the globe, something that’s core to our mission.

How being a mom informs my job

I now realize how many choices and decisions have to be made around products for babies and how important it is to choose the best for them. This is hard in today’s world where things aren’t always transparent and ethics aren’t the top priority for some companies. Knowing what I want for my own kids, I do everything I can to make sure our products are the best they can be and that we ensure there’s integrity behind our products & ingredients-because trust is everything. Now that I’m a mom, I also see how much it matters to connect with a company on a real level and reinforce the trust with our brand. I love that we are a management team of moms, which does affect our marketing and innovation strategy. I see how valuable the camaraderie of mommyhood is and I love listening to other moms, reading reviews and asking questions. It makes the marketing side of things really fun and also challenging, as I want to be sure we are connecting with other moms on an authentic level and fulfilling their needs. Another way being a mom affects my work is that I have more compassion for other moms and working parents. I really understand what working parents go through and how valuable a supportive environment can be to your family life. Like when your kid gets sick the week after you’ve taken off a couple of days and you have to tell your boss you need to take yet ANOTHER day off. That’s when we can make a difference and lower the anxiety and frustration with those kinds of situations and instead be understanding. As leaders, we work hard to make sure everyone here knows that it can be really hard to ask for what you need, but family comes first and we support our team in every way we can.

Proudest moment at Mommy’s Bliss

The most recent proud moment was when we launched the Mommy’s Bliss Foundation, our global outreach program to support the health of kids under five years old. I loved seeing how happy it made my mom because it was something she’d always dreamed of. It also feels good that we’re not just writing checks; we’ve made a long-term plan to sustain our funded programs and keep our team connected to the organizations with annual trips.

To me, “We run on the power of mom” means...

We endure! Seriously, starting from the moment we get pregnant, there’s something inside us that gets triggered and we just start making things happen and we take care of everybody the best we can.

Best parenting advice my mom gave me

My mom has given me two AMAZING pieces of advice: 1. No family or child is the same, so there is no formula for what works for YOUR family. Do what you think is best based on what you know. 2. Follow your intuition (I LOVE this one—so true)

3 adjectives that describe me as a mom

Loving Relaxed Silly

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