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What is Gripe Water?

Gripe water is a time-tested formula that has been used for more than 100 years throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, India and the Caribbean to relieve discomfort from colic, gas and hiccups. Our gentle liquid formula contains fennel seed, ginger root and sodium bicarbonate, which are historically known to ease occasional discomfort caused by stomach gas and other colic symptoms in infants.*

Is Gripe Water safe for babies?

All of our Gripe Water ingredients are carefully selected, appear on the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list, and are held to our exacting quality assurance requirements. Our manufacturers follow strict standards, guidelines and procedures for quality and safety, and each product must pass additional analytical and microbiological tests before we offer it to you. Our Gripe Water is also, of course, protected by a safety seal, and is NSF certified for purity.

How much Vitamin D is recommended as a supplement for infants?

Each drop (0.026 mL) of our Organic Baby Vitamin D Drops contains 400 IU (equivalent to 10 micrograms, which is 100% of the daily recommended value for infants 0-12 months) of vitamin D3.

Do the natural ingredients mean I need to refrigerate Vitamin D Drops?

Nope! No refrigeration needed. Just store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. If you prefer to refrigerate to prolong shelf life, you can, but it’s totally optional.

How do Gas Relief Drops work?

Simethicone decreases the surface tension of gas bubbles, causing them to combine into larger bubbles in the stomach that can be passed more easily, so your baby can get nearly instant relief from that full, bloated feeling.*

Can I use Gas Relief Drops with your Gripe Water products?

Absolutely! Combining these products can be especially helpful for babies with colic who’ve been crying incessantly. Gas Relief Drops break up gas bubbles and help your baby burp up air. Gripe Water also helps with burping, plus uses ginger and fennel to help soothe digestive distress. Together, they offer quick relief of gas pains and ease tummy turmoil.*

Are your Saline Drops hypertonic or isotonic?

Our saline drops are isotonic.