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Are Mommy's Bliss Baby Bedtime Drops 3rd party tested?

Yes! Our Baby Bedtime Drops are NSF Certified which means they have been independently tested and certified to meet standards for quality, safety and label claims. Learn more about our NSF Certified products here.

What does “overnight immunity support” mean for your Baby Bedtime drops?

We’ve added vitamin C and organic elderberry fruit extract to help support your baby’s immunity while they sleep.*

Can I mix these Baby Bedtime drops with water or juice?

Yes! For babies four months and older, it can be mixed with water or fruit juice, if desired. Just be sure to follow the labeled serving size.

Can I add these Baby Bedtime drops to my baby’s bottle when feeding?

No, sorry. Baby Bedtime Drops’ low pH can curdle formula or breastmilk, and could change the flavor, so your infant may not want to complete their feeding. That would be … counterproductive.

How can these Baby Bedtime drops help my baby with sleep if they don’t contain melatonin?

Baby Bedtime Drops are carefully crafted with our Bedtime Bliss Blend, otherwise known as organic chamomile, passionflower and lemon balm, to help promote restful sleep.* Can we all just agree that herbs are amazing?

Is the Baby Bedtime Drops safe for my baby?

Yes. Our mild herbal Baby Bedtime Drops are safe to consume daily, if needed. As always, share any concerns with your pediatrician.