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Are Mommy's Bliss Vitamin D Drops 3rd party tested?

Yes! Our Vitamin D Drops are NSF Certified which means they have been independently tested and certified to meet standards for quality, safety and label claims. Learn more about our NSF Certified products here.

What is MCT and where does it come from?

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, which is a particular kind of fat. The MCT in our Organic Baby Vitamin D Drops is highly refined coconut oil, fully free from allergens.

How many times a day should I give Vitamin D Drops to my baby?

Just once. With the recommended daily serving of 400 IU vitamin D in each drop, only one drop per day is needed.

How do I give Vitamin D Drops to my baby?

Easily! Pop a drop on a small spoon, place directly on your breast when you’re about to feed, or add to formula, breastmilk or food. It only takes one drop to meet the daily recommended amount of vitamin D recommended for infants.

How much Vitamin D is recommended as a supplement for infants?

Each drop (0.026 mL) of our Organic Baby Vitamin D Drops contains 400 IU (equivalent to 10 micrograms, which is 100% of the daily recommended value for infants 0-12 months) of vitamin D3.

Do the natural ingredients mean I need to refrigerate Vitamin D Drops?

Nope! No refrigeration needed. Just store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. If you prefer to refrigerate to prolong shelf life, you can, but it’s totally optional.

Where do you get your Vitamin D for these drops?

As with most vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) sourced for supplements and foods, our vitamin D3 comes from lanolin, which comes from sheep wool. Don’t worry: no sheep are harmed in the process.