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Are these melatonin sleep chewables habit-forming?

No, Sleep + Immunity Chewables are non-habit forming. Please do follow all directions for use.

Is melatonin safe for children?

Assuming you follow directions and dose on label, melatonin is considered safe as temporary support for child’s natural sleep process.

What is the recommended dose of melatonin for a child?

We recommend always consulting your pediatrician before use. Children aged 3 -5 years old are recommended 1mg of melatonin or 1 tablet of Mommy’s Bliss Sleep Chewable with Immune Support per day. Children aged 6 – 12 years old are recommended 2 mg of melatonin or 2 tablets of Sleep Chewable with Immune Support per day. Take only as directed. We do not recommend our Sleep Chewable with Immune Support for children under 3 years of age.

Can I give my child melatonin if they are on medication?

With specific medical concerns, we recommend consulting your child’s pediatrician prior to use.

Can these chewables be given to my child every night?

Sleep Chewables, like all products containing melatonin, are recommended for short term use only. Please consult your pediatrician prior to use.