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5 Tips to Support Your Kid’s Immune System

5 Tips to Support Your Kid’s Immune System

As your kid comes more and more into their own, they get more and more excited to discover, play and explore. Which means so many new and wonderful adventures. And so, so many new germs. Doing everything you can to empower their evolving immune systems gives them the best chance of staying healthy through every stage, season, and situation (and when they stay healthy, you’ve got a better chance of staying healthy, too!).

Five simple tips to keep immunity alert:

1. Feed the real, healthy food

We’ve all had overstressed mornings where the lunches we “make” for our kids get … creative. But it takes good fuel to run the body’s machine, which means keeping food real as often as possible. Lean away from processed stuff and favor whole fruits, sugar snap peas, tofu, avocado … you get the idea.

2. Don't let them skimp on sleep

Homework plus after-school sports and extracurriculars can make it really tough for older kids to keep up with a solid sleep schedule. Depending on their age, your kid needs between 10 and 14 hours of sleep per day (oh, to be young again!). Their quality of sleep is as important as the quantity, so keep bedrooms as dark as possible—no nightlights, if your kid can handle it, and no devices with screens.

3. Be good to their gut

There’s been a LOT of research in the past decade about how our microbiome—AKA our gut—plays a huge role in keeping us healthy. Probiotics, the “friendly” bacteria that help us digest food and protect us from “bad” bacteria, are a great way to do something daily to keep building a budding microbiome. Think about it like investing in your kid’s wellness bank. Which makes our Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies star-shaped, berry-bursting bits of ca-ching.

4. It's OK to chill

Being a kid these days can be even more stressful than we remember. Homework. Texting. Sports. Lessons. Dances. Not-getting-invited-to-dances. Their little stressed-out bodies act just like our stressed-out grownup bodies do: stress hormones skyrocket and overpower their immune response. The way to the body goes through the mind. Coloring books, listening to music together, snuggling up for a family chill time, or whatever’s fun and relaxing for you and yours, are great cool-downs to come back to whenever you can.

5. Add some supplemental support

Making supplements part of your routine keeps you ahead of immunity stressors rather than racing to react to them. A good multivitamin is a given, but did you know it’s common for kids to need more vitamin D? Our Kids Vitamin D3 Gummies have that handled, so you can keep their bone growth in mind as you pay attention to their immunity. Add vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry to perk up their protection – all included in our Organic Kids Immunity Gummies. Pro parent tip: they’re so good, your kid will consider them a treat when you pop one in their lunchbox. Two birds, one stone.

Bottom Line

  • Good food, good sleep, good gut
  • Dial down stress
  • Supplement for super support

This site is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice. Please consult your physician or other health-care professional.

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