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Postpartum Recipes to Boost Energy
Nutrition & Fitness

Postpartum Recipes to Boost Energy

Postpartum fatigue is real, and while there has never been a more important time to count on the right foods for energy, there has never been less energy for food prep. And round and round we go. Reach for these easy, nourishing recipes that not only help with postpartum fatigue, and lack of energy, but they may also support lactation! Bonus? Yum. Thank you, Shondi Echard, our MommysBliss360 expert and Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition Consultant for energizing us once again. 

Kick postpartum fatigue to the curb with these nourishing recipes to enjoy a revitalized motherhood journey!

woman eating a salad with lemon water pictured

First and foremost,…

A warm congratulations is in order for the magic you have created mama! The little miracle that spent months growing inside your belly is now earth-side, and now you are soaking in all the newborn snuggles and celebrating this new life you have birthed.

Outside of the baby bliss bubble, there’s no denying the slew of unique demands that new mothers also face.

The sleepless nights, the frequent nursing, or pumping sessions, and the infamous “mom brain” are all enough to make you feel like you might be running on an empty tank.

As the days blend into an endless loop of tending to your baby's needs, it is now more important than ever to prioritize your own physical and mental well-being.

The postpartum period is a critical phase when your body undergoes significant hormonal and physiological changes and requires extra care. The exhaustion that this causes can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling even more tired than usual.

This can be a tough space to be in, but the good news is that there IS a remedy to be found in using the power of nourishing foods that provide lasting energy so you can feel more equipped to tackle the demands of those long days and nights, without having to rely on that extra cup of coffee.

In this article, we'll explore some postpartum recipes that will help you regain your vitality and keep up with the demands of motherhood from early morning to bedtime.

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you’ll be pleased to find that these recipes also double as lactation support to enrich your milk supply — so enjoy that as an added bonus!

Make sure to save the following recipes and get ready to power through your fourth trimester with an extra pep in your step!

Energizing Breakfasts

a bowl of oatmeal with seeds sprinkled on top

Start your day off right with a balanced breakfast that fuels your body and mind while setting a positive tone for the rest of your day. Whip up a delicious smoothie packed with leafy greens, fruits, and a scoop of your favorite protein powder. This nutrient-rich blend will provide you with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to kickstart your day. Alternatively, try a hearty bowl of overnight oats topped with nuts, seeds, and fresh berries for a satisfying and energizing morning meal.

Power-Packed Snacks

9 energy bites on a wooden board

Snacking is essential for maintaining energy levels throughout the day. If you are someone who loves to snack on sweets, then these nutrient-dense energy balls will be your jam! These bite-sized treats are packed with fiber, healthy fats, and natural sugars, providing a quick and sustained energy boost. Another great option is sliced apples with almond butter, offering a combination of complex carbohydrates and protein to keep you going.

Nourishing Lunches

colorful lunch with assorted vegetables and chickpeas on a black plate and bowl

When it comes to postpartum lunches, continue to focus on incorporating whole food ingredients that support your body's elevated needs during this time of day. Prepare a colorful buddha bowl with a variety of cooked vegetables, leafy greens, and a source of lean protein like grilled chicken or tofu. Drizzle it with a homemade vinaigrette made from olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs for added flavor and health benefits. Alternatively, enjoy a warm bowl of vegetable soup with healing herbs, like ginger and turmeric, which are loaded with vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling satisfied and energized.

Replenishing Dinners

salmon and roasted vegetables on a black plate

Dinner is the final opportunity of the day to nourish your body with a well-balanced meal that will support your energy levels for those late-night feedings. Opt for lean proteins like salmon or chicken paired with a side of roasted vegetables (try this easy salmon & veggie sheet pan recipe here!). These protein-rich options provide essential amino acids for muscle repair and growth. Don’t forget to incorporate complex carbohydrates like quinoa or sweet potatoes to keep energy levels running steady. Experimenting with different herbs and spices can make your meals way more exciting — so don’t be shy with these!

Hydrating Beverages

cacao drink in a mug

Staying well hydrated is not only super beneficial to breastfeeding mamas — it is also crucial for maintaining steady energy levels. While water should be your primary beverage, you can also enjoy refreshing and hydrating drinks. Infuse coconut water with slices of citrus fruits, cucumber, or mint leaves for a burst of flavor and electrolytes. Herbal teas like chamomile or ginger can also provide a soothing and energizing effect. Cacao is touted as a low-caffeine food that increases energy in a gentler and more stable way, and this energizing cacao drink recipe will do just the trick if you’re looking to reduce your caffeine intake. Avoid sugary drinks that can cause energy crashes and opt for natural, hydrating options instead.

A kind reminder: Self-care is not selfish!

As a new mother, self-care is more needed than ever before, and nourishing your body with the right foods is an integral part of that journey. By incorporating these recipes into your postpartum diet, you can enhance your energy levels, promote healing, and support your mental and physical well-being so you can be a more present mama for yourself and for your baby.

Remember, food is not just fuel; it's an opportunity to care for yourself and enjoy the journey of motherhood with vitality and joy. So, embrace the nourishment that these recipes provide and watch your energy soar to new heights as you take on the most important job of your life!

You are doing great, mama!


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This site is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice. Please consult your physician or other health-care professional.

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