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Postpartum Essentials: The Must-Haves to Postpartum Less Challenging
Postpartum Planning

Postpartum Essentials: The Must-Haves to Postpartum Less Challenging

This blog is a collaboration of real Mommy’s Bliss moms and dads based on our real experiences as parents who’ve been there.

Baby is here! And now you’re home. Everything is perfect, right? Well, if we had a nickel for every new mom that said that -we’d be flat broke. It’s blissful and awe-inspiring, yet far from perfect and that’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be. This is your story and it’s being written as you live it. That’s what it’s all about. Navigating the messy, beautiful, and challenging postpartum period.

The good news is, there are so many ways (and comfy things) to ease this new chapter to make things smoother, less painful, and even cozier for you. For once, this needs to be all about you. After all, you’ve just done something major and you’re just getting started.

So, stock up on the essentials you think you’ll need before baby arrives but leave lots of room for the must-haves you never knew you needed…or wanted. Because trust us, your list may change after your bundle comes home. The themes of this postpartum period is “expect the unexpected”, “take care of you” and “surround yourself with the products and comforts that make YOU feel better, physically and mentally”.

A List of Postpartum Essentials

Read on for a list of essentials we think are, well, essential plus real input from our Mommy’s Bliss 360 moms who have been there. They definitely know the value of creature comforts, a big dash of grace, and the very best products. And p.s., if something brought you comfort or bliss, pass the love on with a gift for a new mom. We’re all here together– and we’re all in this together. How comforting is that?

What you might need….

  • Sitz Bath. After baby, you likely will have a sore pelvic floor, so get yourself some herbs and a sitz bath to help heal tears, lesson pain and reduce swelling. Get this simple essential at Amazon or any local drug store and after a 20-minute sit, we think you’ll be glad you did.

  • Simple Pads. After birth, you may experience vaginal bleeding and shedding of the uterine lining. It can last as short as two weeks or up to six. Do NOT use tampons, instead stock up on herbal-infused postpartum pads.
  • Adult diapers. Self-explanatory, and, trust us, short-lived.
  • Large Water Bottle. Hydration has never been more important than it is right now. Mothers that don’t drink enough water throughout the day often have a lower milk supply, so aim for 8, 8-ounce glasses a day for optimal benefits. Keep a water bottle or cute cup with a straw nearby and reach for it often! Or opt for herbal tea! Some teas are even shown to help tone the uterus and promote healing after birth while others help increase the quality and quantity of milk.
  • Nipple Cream. Protect and soothe sore, chapped, cracked nipples…yes this happens. Mommy’s Bliss Nipple Balm is the one to beat…and spoiler alert, it has so many off label uses from soothing chapped lips to unsticking stuck zippers. Yep.
  • Heating and Cooling Pads. New mom’s favorites for so many hot and cold reasons. Soothing pads can be warmed or cooled to help with healing and pain depending on your needs.
  • Breast Pads. Opt for disposable or reusable, washable pads. Soak up leaks and find a bit of comfort along the way.
  • Stool Softeners. Again, trust us. Consult your doctor for recommendations.
  • Soft Loungewear. Anything that feels good – wear it. Yes, now is the time for complete and utter comfort. Loose-fitting, soft, and pretty are all good themes. As if you needed another reason to shop.

Let’s hear how our Mommy's Bliss 360 team of moms got through it:

I always buy an upside-down peri bottle for all my soon-to-be mom friends. They usually give you a free one in the hospital, but it just didn't cut it!! Also, my friend gave me a really great, super soft robe with zip in the front for nursing and I honestly LIVED in that thing! Anything soft and comfy you can throw on easily is great for those early healing days. I also usually bring an easy to heat meal for new parents or start them a meal train, not having to decide on dinner and cook and have a homemade meal when you get tired of take out is clutch.

Katie B.

My go-to gift/ postpartum essential is always a Door Dash gift card or Uber Eats gift card! Nourishment is important, and I’ve always gotten my biggest "THANK YOU" 's when showing up with flowers and Door Dash gift card vs. lotion set that mom will most likely never use and just keep under her bathroom sink for years 🤷‍♀️ (or maybe that's just me who does that? lol)

Jessica W.

From a dad’s perspective: Mamaroo's Motion Swing helped especially with our twins and Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water legit helped when they were babies. Also, I enlisted the help of video games to help pass the time during naps. I actually have pictures of me holding all my babies with an Xbox controller in my hand.... multi-tasking for the win.

Wes E.

Ghirardelli double chocolate brownies 😊! But my real light bulb moment came from learning that nipple balm can be used on any skin irritations including chapped lips. I literally love Mommy’s Bliss Nipple Balm for everything. Also, my doctor recommended I take my prenatal vitamins even after baby is born for added nutritional support.

I found that short walks really helped so you don’t get too sore from sitting so much. Gives a dose of endorphins as well. Outdoors or even indoors at Target!

I learned to avoid irritants on your skin. For me that included strong scented soaps, and lotions. They bothered my skin, but I also realized that my baby would smell like my lotion too and that might bother him as well. Like mommy, like baby.

If I had to pick a gift for a new mom, I would follow the lead of a friend who showed up with a bag full of yummy, quick, pre-made microwave meals from Trader Joes. It was a great gift. I also received a nice face wash and moisturizer for those fleeting self-care moments. Soft loungewear made everything better and please…take home that giant hospital tumbler cup with a straw for constant water consumption.

Stephanie M.

I lived in my Ugg slippers which I wore to the hospital, on the way home, and ok, I might still be wearing them right now. I also relied heavily on Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water because my baby was a really big griper. He cried about everything, and Gripe Water helped me as well as him, so I wouldn’t start crying myself. I know it sounds extravagant, but a wipe warmer made those middle of the night changing sessions a bit less alarming, aka, awakening. I just needed him to go back to sleep and there’s nothing like a cold wipe to wake up a tired baby fast. The gift I always love to give new moms is a fruit bouquet, so they have something delicious and beautiful to look at and snack on. I also always offer to watch the baby for an hour (usually in my Ugg slippers) so mama can get her nails done.

Jen L.

Surround yourself with anything that feels good, soothes, and makes this phase as comfortable as possible, so you can focus on what and your beautiful new bundle. Keep this list handy and add your own flavor to it. The bottom line is…be as prepared as possible, (but) live and learn, and comfort is king! Or queen, in this case.

This site is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice. Please consult your physician or other health-care professional.

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