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Baby milestones and the must-haves to get them there

Baby milestones and the must-haves to get them there

Babies go through so many changes and milestones in their first year. It’s exciting and usually adorable, but each new chapter brings new needs and new concerns and so many not-so-adorable moments. Let’s talk about how to make transitions easier for baby and mom with a few little essentials that make a world of difference. Let’s talk about Mommy’s Bliss blissentials and what you’ll need every step of the way.

Digestive Development

Babies’ digestive systems develop so much in that first year. Between learning how to digest milk, then pureed food, then onto solids, it’s a lot for tiny tummies to process. Keep Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Drops on hand, and stock up on a goldmine of goodness with the world’s most studied single strain probiotic that keeps baby’s gut full of “good bacteria” supporting their ability to digest food, and absorb vitamins. Happy belly. Happy baby.

Sore Gums

Oh, those tiny tender little gums. If baby could tell you they ache, they most certainly would. And sore gums can make even the calmest of babies feel cranky. When baby’s cranky…everyone’s cranky. Ease the soreness as they transition through this phase with Mommy’s Bliss Little Gums Soothing Massage Gel. It’s gentle and safe for teething babies, and features organic ingredients such as chamomile and vanilla for daytime and lemon balm and passionflower for nighttime. Just one drop massaged onto baby’s gums with mommy’s finger, and tears turn to smiles…on the spot.

Sleep Changes and Regression 

Sleep - that elusive luxury…for both of you, may seem out of reach during transition time as baby deals with so much newness.  Just when you had a routine figured out – voila – it changes again. It’s normal, but exhausting. Mommy’s Bliss Bedtime Drops can get baby back on track with organic chamomile, passionflower and lemon balm to promote calm, restful sleep, while simultaneously providing immunity support that will help mom rest easy. And when baby’s calm and peaceful, it’s pj time for mom. 

When you prep for each milestone, it’s easier to keep baby happy and less rattled along the way. From the first tooth to that first bite of solid food, these are the moments to be treasured. Enjoy the changes that come and come and come. Mommy’s Bliss - and our baby essentials - is along for all of it. 


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