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Keeping Healthy Habits for Babies - 4 Tips

Keeping Healthy Habits for Babies - 4 Tips

Immunity’s on our minds most of the time these days. By now, we all know the drill: wash hands often, for 20 seconds at a time, with enough soap and water to clean every inch. Eat a balanced diet rich in a variety of whole, healthy foods. Drink water. Get plenty of sleep. Making these everyday habits a practice goes a long way toward keeping us feeling well, and full of the energy we need to enjoy each other. These are also great ways to keep our babies healthy. A lot of their development is amazing to watch — they get taller and bigger, their faces come into focus, and their emerging personalities start showing us who they are. But they’re also developing in ways we can’t see, like their continuously evolving immune systems, which can use all the support we can give.

1. Practice Clean

Wash your baby’s hands when you wash yours: before and after meals, when coming home from outside, and after playtime. Handwashing can be a fun and nurturing part of your mealtime rituals, and the more it’s a matter of course now, the less you’ll have to teach (or nag) about it later.

2. Sleep Steady

The body does much of its most important work while we sleep, so rest is a crucial component of immunity support. If you don’t already have a sleep routine that works for you and your baby, now’s the time to build one (perhaps starting with these tips for bedtime bliss). We’re living through times of unprecedented chronic stress, which are even more impactful for those of us who were already dealing with the health effects of societal imbalances. If you’re struggling to keep sleep on track for yourself and your family, try some suggestions from sleep expert Nicole Cannon.

3. Get Moving

Work some kind (any kind!) of movement into your days. Exercise, be it yoga, strength training, walking around the block, or dancing in the kitchen, can lift our moods while it lifts our immunity. Being stuck in the house for a while has emphasized the value of a little fresh air, but it’s harder to get out in the winter. This means that most of us can use a vitamin D supplement, babies included. Our Baby Vitamin D Organic Drops are safe for newborns, and just one drop a day provides 400 IU of vitamin D.

4. Keep Help Handy

Even while keeping up all these healthy habits, sometimes your baby might need a little extra support. Our variety of probiotics are ready for your newborn’s intestinal and immune systems from day one. Try Baby Probiotics + Vitamin D to support bone development, or Probiotic Drops + Colic Support to help with fussiness and tummy troubles from colic. Our Organic Baby Elderberry Drops are a great option for bonus immune support, with organic Black Elderberry, prebiotics, zinc, and organic echinacea. There are many paths to well-being, so always check with your pediatrician as you try what resonates with you and works for your wee one.

This site is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice. Please consult your physician or other health-care professional.

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