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Mommy's Bliss is Having a Baby: Most Surprising Things about Pregnancy

Mommy's Bliss is Having a Baby: Most Surprising Things about Pregnancy

I’m finding it hard to believe I’m 28 weeks pregnant. However, not ten minutes can go by without some kind of reminder, whether I like it or not! It could be adjusting an old shirt over my belly, an ache in my hips or seeing a new mom with her baby walking by my office window…. People close to me are always asking how I’m feeling and what I love or don’t love about being pregnant. I was thinking about this and realized there are so many things that I do love about being pregnant AND just a few things that I find more challenging than I could have ever imagined. What I’d like to share with you all here are the things I have found as the most unexpected in this “journey” that I’m on. I also noticed that it seems hard to admit the difficult parts of pregnancy, partly because everyone’s experiences are different and because in many ways it is a privilege to be pregnant. Moreover, I want this blog to be honest and true to my experience, so here is the list of what has been most surprising to me during the past 28 weeks:
  • My new bestie is named Mixed Berry Tums.
  • I cannot actually resist buying adorable onesies from Target and neither can my husband. It is so incredibly cute to see him come home with a random onesie in his hand and a huge, teary-eyed smile on his face.
  • The situation that happened at Noah’s Bagels a few weeks ago. Let’s just say…I needed a bagel. A certain bagel. It needed to be toasted and cream-cheesed (my own verb) just perfectly; but, to my extreme disappointment, it wasn’t. There was emotion and tears…and a very confused 20 year old cashier. It happens, right!?
  • I have already grounded my unborn son until he is 18 years old for all of his wild in-utero activities. Honestly, this is the most surprising- to have crazy-acrobatic-kickboxing movements in my belly, on top of my bladder, all day and all night. I never knew this could happen.
  • My belly is my new fashion accessory. Wearing fitted t- shirts that show off my belly and feeling really good about it (that’s a first!)
  • Saying goodnight to my husband before the Great Wall of Pillows is built every night
  • My hips hurt. All. The. Time.
  • On a recent trip to the pool, there was another pregnant woman who was just getting out. She saw me and offered me her fun-doodle floaty thing. It was like she was suddenly my sister. We were bonded. She smiled, I smiled and I took that fun doodle and floated with a new lightness that was blissful. She knew this and was looking out for me. It was such a sweet and connecting moment.
Hopefully some of you have also found these things as surprising, strange, unexpected and randomly comical as they have been for me. All these moments have made me laugh, cry and even find comfort in what it means to be pregnant. Now onto the next phase of baby-showering, childbirth classes and more! Stay tuned… Yasmin Kaderali

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