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Mom Your Way: The Fourth Trimester - Checking In On Yourself

Mom Your Way: The Fourth Trimester - Checking In On Yourself

Welcome to the second edition of “Mom Your Way” meets MommysBliss360. Today, our author and Mommy’s Bliss CEO, Yasmin Kaderali, touches on a topic that all new moms can take to heart. Checking in on yourself. Yes, you! From your heart to your mind and body, you matter. And self-care doesn’t require a gym membership or spa getaway. Think bigger…and sometimes smaller. Read on… 

“…you are healing and taking it easy – no need to try a power yoga class!”​

(The following is an excerpt from Mom Your Way.)

While some people call this self-care, I think we have to know how we want to take care of ourselves, and what parts of us need taking care of. We immediately think self-care means a massage or going for a walk alone, and while it certainly can, it is really about finding the time to check in on yourself and knowing how to nurture yourself. Especially during this phase, you are healing and taking it easy—no need to try for a power yoga class!

I like to think about my self-care and self check-in this way: my heart and mind, and my body and health. While these parts of myself are all so connected, I find that separating them out while I’m in a reflective mode helps me see the areas I need to work on more clearly. I started this in the fourth trimester and still use this tool today.

I’ve included Heart and Mind and Body and Health check lists for three separate phases. The focus of these checks—and therefore the questions and actions on each list—may vary at different phases, so there are slight variations based on what you may be needing.



Visit MommysBliss360 often for more pearls, laughs and commiseration from Yasmin. And if you love to hold a book in your hand, “Mom Your Way” is available right here on Make room on your bookshelf and reach for it whenever you find yourself wondering if you’re doing it right – spoiler alert - you are. 

This site is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice. Please consult your physician or other health-care professional.

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