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Mom Your Way: The Fourth Trimester - Mom Guilt

Mom Your Way: The Fourth Trimester - Mom Guilt

Guilt. The five little letters with one big inescapable emotion that most moms live with. And to quote our Mommy’s Bliss CEO and author, of “Mom Your Way”, Yasmin Kaderali “it doesn’t ever really go away.” Please tell us there’s a guilt-free light at the end of whichever tunnel we are journeying through…or at least help us deal with this, at times all-encompassing phenomenon.  Stemming from insecurities, unrealistic expectations, and even breastfeeding – guilt lingers in every corner of your mind, steals our sleep, and makes us all wonder “are we doing it right?” Well, as Yasmin is teaching us all…if you’re doing it your way, you’re doing it right. Read on. 

“...embrace your way. Then move forward with peace and love, baby. You’ll have plenty of time to have the ol’ mom guilt tripping you up within the months and years to come.”

(The following is an excerpt from Mom Your Way)

Ahhh . . . the mom guilt. Mom guilt is such a crazy thing that seems to just become a part of us when we become new moms. And I hate to break this news to you if you don’t already know it, but it doesn’t ever really go away. We just learn to quiet that little monster down. Save it for the actual moments of real guilt.

So, what is this mom guilt I speak of?
Here’s my definition:

mom guilt
the feeling or worry that you should be doing more or that you are not a good enough mom; a feeling of guilt when a mom does something for herself.

During these first few months, the most guilt I felt was associated with breastfeeding. I felt bad that I wasn’t making enough milk, and I felt guilty about supplementing with formula. Not to mention, my mom was a lactation consultant, so I felt additional pressure to breastfeed like a goddess. (Yeah. Friggin’. Right!) But looking back now, I realize my baby was so healthy and happy. Did I really need to waste so much of my energy on feeling guilty?

We need to lose the mom guilt especially when it comes to feeding our babies formula if need be. We all as moms are just trying to do our best and raise healthy and happy lil’ ones. Sometimes we can’t produce enough milk to do that on our own. There are choices we have to make, and sometimes that help might just come in powdered form. And that’s totally okay! As long as it’s reducing your stress and helping your baby grow healthfully, let go of any preconceived ideas that breast milk is the only way. Sure, breast is best . . . We all know that! It’s drilled into us a million times at every pre- and postnatal appointment. But what if you can’t breastfeed? Luckily, times, technology, science, and formulas have all changed alongside many evolving cultural norms. If your pediatrician feels your baby is healthy, then continue doing what you think is best for you and the baby.

Whichever way you end up feeding your baby, let go of guilt, and embrace your way. Then move forward with peace and love, baby. You’ll have plenty of time to have the ol’ mom guilt tripping you up within the months and years to come! You don’t need to get a head start on it now. And to be sure you don’t get stuck in mom guilt, here is your first permission slip. Trust me; you will need to keep this close.


Visit MommysBliss360 often for more pearls, laughs and commiseration from Yasmin. And if you love to hold a book in your hand, “Mom Your Way” is available right here on Make room on your bookshelf and reach for it whenever you find yourself wondering if you’re doing it right – spoiler alert - you are. 

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