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4 Tips for Soothing Baby Eczema

4 Tips for Soothing Baby Eczema

Baby eczema is really common, occurring in at least one out of every ten children. It’s difficult to see your baby in pain or discomfort with red, itchy and irritated skin. Baby's skin can be especially delicate and sensitive, so it’s hard to know what and what not to try. Check out these go-to steps to keep your little one comfortable.

Recognize and avoid the following triggers:

  • Irritants like laundry soaps, bath soaps, and scratchy or rough clothing.
  • Heat and sweat cause the skin to stay moist.
  • Allergens from cow’s milk or certain foods.
  • Extreme dry skin, especially during winter.

Gear up, clear up! Here are some routines and items that can help clear baby eczema:

  1. Use mild baby soap and lukewarm baths to help soothe the skin. Pat baby dry after a bath.
  2. Use a humidifier in the baby’s room to keep skin hydrated.
  3. Apply moisturizers, such as Mommy’s Bliss Eczema Ease Daily Moisturizer, to keep skin hydrated daily. When baby eczema flare-ups arise, try Mommy’s Bliss Eczema Ease Spot Treatment with colloidal oatmeal to quickly relieve dry skin.
  4. Try a probiotic, like Mommy’s Bliss Skin Support Probiotic Drops, to help balance baby’s skin from the inside out with a clinically studied probiotic strain.
You know better than anyone that your baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive. With a few tips and products, you can keep your little one’s irritated skin or eczema in control -- and yourself stress-free.

This site is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice. Please consult your physician or other health-care professional.

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